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Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a professional procedure applied to the scalp for a fuller appearance of hair, or 2D appearance of hair We use the best premium vegan pigmentation. Color match to each client’s remaining hair or eyebrow color This amazing painless procedure Great for men and women suffering from pattern or complete baldness or alopecia. Typically 2-3 sessions 7-10 days advised between each session. Certified SMP impressionist since 2020



Ervin F.


"Definitely put me back in the game! One of the best to do it!"

Ricky L.


"Life changing."

"Mr. Rasheed does outstanding work, very detailed and a true professional. A life changing experience I highly recommend him anyone who wants to enhance their appearance and have this life changing experience."


- Tyrone F.

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7233 Commerce St #117, Springfield, VA 22150

7233 Commerce St #117, Springfield, VA 22150, USA

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